Technical data
Jumboroll weight max. 500 kg
Shaftless unwinder
Film width min. 700 mm
Film width max. 1000 mm
Unwind dia max. 600 mm
Leaderoperation fully automatic
Film thickness min. 0,003 mm
Film thickness max. 0,2 mm
Razorblade slitting system
Slitting width min. 20 mm
Slitting width max. 1000 mm
Slitting width infinitely adjustable
Rewind dia max. 150 mm
Machine speed with 1“ shaft max. 400 m/min
Materials to convert: thermotransferribbons
With all necessary accessories, with CE sign and
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Wey Converting
56112 Bad Ems
E-Mail: info@weyconverting.de
Slitter rewinder wemaslit 1100 TTR (thermotransferfilm)Slitter rewinder wemaslit 1100 TTR (thermotransferfilm)Slitter rewinder wemaslit 1100 TTR (thermotransferfilm)

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